Brigitte 60s Stripes

Brigitte 60's Stripes | Catdoesit.

This is a little 60s in shape, 70’s in stripes and frayed finish. But super simple dress that was a joy to design and sew!

This¬†is the Brigitte shift dress from Simple Sew (free from LoveSewing’s website).


It is truly a begginer’s dress, with straightforward instructions. I did tweaked the fit a little bit: lower bust darts, adjusted back darts and forgone facings in place of lining.

I also wanted to get the most of this striped wool suiting I found in the market at the end of Seven Sister’s road (a tiny little stall with incredibly inexpensive fabrics), so I decided on adding a front middle seam and cutting the fabric at 45”. I am glad I took my time with cutting and matching the stripes, front and back ūüėÄ

Brigitte 60's Stripes | Catdoesit.

Also decided on raw edges to enhance the bohemian vibe… not sure about that one, though. After setting on the hem length and squaring off the hemline, I stitched a line about 2 cm from the edge, to secure the weave. Then took a while with my seam ripper fraying the weave up to the stitched line.

Brigitte 60's Stripes | Catdoesit.

I am happy with the result, though I started to feel it is to old-looking, serious-black-type ¬†and high-neckline type of affair… Maybe it is just the start of spring that is getting into me, and hopefully come back Autumn I’ll be craving for it!

Mainly I have been wearing it for work with a belt, to warm up the black, tights and oxford-style heels.

brigitte stripes 3


Chill Dress

Chill Dress | Catdoesit.

This is super chill dress that I can use whenever I feel chill. Good for chilly weather. And super chill to make.

I made it years ago based on Burda’s¬†Chill Dress¬†11/2012 #136B. Which has two pattern pieces on a stretch fabric, so you fit at your own leisure.


Because it was going so well, I added sleeves by tracing a RTW knit sweater, which was a breeze. And it was looking a bit serious, on this very stable stretch burgundy fabric, so I added a ruffle in a matching organza tone that my Mum had lying around. Left that hem raw to make a more casual look.

Chill Dress | Catdoesit.

It is sooooo confortable to wear, any day of the week!

I have been wearing it all winter with tights, a belt and boots. I guess I am not completely used to the dolman sleeves without that cinched in waist.

Chill Dress | Catdoesit.

Union Jack Red Cardigan

Union Jack Red Cardigan | Catdoesit.

This is cardigan was my first project when I moved to the UK, more than a year ago. It was my pretext to join a knitting club, where people regularly meet to eat, laugh and knit. One year later, I finally finished Рand still regularly meet with the friends I made then!


Union Jack Red Cardigan | Catdoesit.

The pattern is the Miette cardigan from Andi Satterlund and it is the second time I made it (first was in green cotton, still love it). This time I made it in 100% merino superwash, Rico essentials, colour Brick Red Рor Union-Jack-Red, since it now reminds me of coming to the UK and getting to know the locals!

The wool is soft and cool. Good for bamboo needles (5.5 mm for me). It was straightforward to knit, especially having knitted it before. This time, I think the details improved Рthe stitches and yarn overs look crisp and perfectly aligned. And the gunmetal buttons give it a slightly more modern look, I hope.

Union Jack Red Cardigan | Catdoesit.

The buttons also remind me of the Hogwarts’ crest, even though they are nothing alike. Probably the only crest I ever cared for?

I did the same modifications as before: no bust darts, size up on the sleeve. And this time I increased the length of the sleeves to full length. Pretty happy with the fit!


Already thinking of the knitting project for “UK: year 2”. Spoiler alert: it will be inspired on the cloudy sky!

Embroidery Empowerment

This is the brainchild of Martha Stewart, Batman and International Amnesty.


“While these women gathered to learn and work, in a rare moment without male supervision, Brohi and her team offered information about their rights along with instruction in this ancient art. By creating these embroidery centers, called the Sughar Empowerment Society, Brohi has had more of an impact than she ever could have imagined.”