A prize after a half-marathon


DIY embroidered map | Catdoesit.

What can you do when a friend runs a half-marathon? Join in???

Nah, cheer them and them embroider something.

This was a birthday gift for a friend, just after he achieved his past year goal of running a half-marathon for the first time. I got the idea after watching Fleur De Force’s DIY gift ideas for Christmas.

The map is based on google maps but I used this site to choose a more artistic rendition, without the road names and with pastel colours. It is printed on plain A4 print paper – it was not a problem for me to embroider it, though it might be less prone to tear if you can print it on a thicker paper.

DIY embroidered map | Catdoesit.

I then traced the route with a pencil and used a pin to make the holes at an even spacing, with the paper over a thick cloth.

I chose red as a contrasting colour, and used 2 threads. I went for a very simple backstitch for the whole thing. Finally, added the time it took my friend to do the race – he was very proud of it!

DIY embroidered map | Catdoesit.

I think the modern white frame gives it the final hoompf (£7 from Tesco).

It was so simple and it makes for a special memento from a special moment!

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