A wrap hi-lo in low temperatures

A wrap hi-lo in low temperatures | CatDoesIt

A wrap hi-lo skirt is just the high that I needed in these low temperatures!

This is Burda’s Hi Low Asymmetrical Wrap Skirt 01/2015 #108B or Asymmetrical Mullet Wrap Skirt 01/2015 #108A from January 2015 edition. It is a three panel continuous skirt with an all-around asymmetrical hem and fold over waist. Seemed simple enough to get back into sewing without a hiccup.

The fabric is pale blue twill, probably from the 70’s, pillaged from my Grandma’s attic last summer. It is probably not an ideal choice for this pattern… It requires an heavy but drapey fabric, much like flannel, as it is recommended. As it is, the skirt falls from my hips like a big tent (not a deal braker, nonetheless).


I made a few changes. The centre back seam was ditched, as it is useless and the deep hi-lo would show it through. My twill frayed like mad, so I carefully added a rolled hem to the otherwise raw hem skirt. And I wasn’t digging a buttonhole on my poor aged fabric, and opted for loop and snap instead.

A wrap hi-lo in low temperatures | CatDoesIt

I get a pop of rose from the petersham ribbon used to secure the waist, which makes me smile. I attempted flat-felled seams, but it started to give me an headache, so I went with zigzaged seams, topstitched to the side. The rolled hem with the topstitched sides and waist really give it a different vibe.

A wrap hi-lo in low temperatures | CatDoesIt

Oh! And I don’t get the length of it! I took out 10 cm all around, plus the 1.5 that took me to do the rolled hem. I was afraid it would make the front scandalously short, but it is pretty good for me. And even with a blow of wind, I get the modesty of a mini-skirt, as the pannels are so long. Well… I prefer it with black tights, anyway.

A wrap hi-lo in low temperatures | CatDoesIt

I am not entirely sure how I feel about this skirt. Is it weekend? Is it office? Does the back look plain? Does the side hi lo look wacky?

I know I am happy with getting back into sewing. It is true it is annoying to spend an hour tracing before getting to the good stuff, but Burda patterns always get me going. Would I dare enter Burda Challenge 2015? I think I doooo-ooh… 🙂


4 thoughts on “A wrap hi-lo in low temperatures

  1. I really like this! I would have never considered making anything like this, but it looks really cool. I think it’s just as office as it is casual and will still look lovely without the tights.


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