Half-Good, half-Naughty, half-Circle Skirt

Half-good, half-naughty, half-circle skirt | Catdoesit.

Well, it is so modest and proper – but looks like black leather and looks great with red shoes – this is my half-good, half-naughty, half-circle skirt!

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Jammie pants

Yellow peeps! How ya doin’? What I have here are some of the jammie pants that have become socially acceptable to wear outside, on the streets, in public. (USA-ers friends, I know you were light-years ahead of the rest of the world on this matter, bear with us)*

dancinjammies _goof_IMG_0181 _quarter_IMG_0170 _side_IMG_0161

Great model, uh? I am a pro.**

This is super soft viscose, found at the remnant bin at Feira dos Tecidos (Lisbon) by 5€/m. I took 2, knowing I wanted to use one for each leg and get the most of that flowy goodness. And you can see I managed to use the border nicely on the waist! The selvage was plain navy, so it was great to hide a wide elastic without messing with the print. I had to take some care with the arabesques on top, though, so not to have some *unsightly* print positioning. Really like the result! _details1

I picked up a pair of *actual* pj bottoms and traced half a leg top (wut? see below, please). Simplified the curves, added seam allowance and 6 cm for the elastic – that way, the elastic doesn’t need to be super tight to hold these babies -, and cut each leg on the fold. Which means I had two seams to do: inside leg seam and rise. Pretty simple, huh? So I went fancy and french-seamed it.


Since putting these together, I wore them to the pool, to the city and to the bar. The rolled hem is long enough for some comfortable heels (that’s what I am wearing in the pictures), but if I roll the waist elastic I can wear them with flats or barefoot.

All in all, a great addition to my wardrobe, by 10€ and less than two hours of work! If done again, I would try and put some in-seam pockets and maybe tweak the pattern so that the front rise is lower than the back (although, this way, I can put them on with my eyes closed, eh).

What do you think?

Have you bought into the jammie street fashion?

* joking, lot a luv for my USA-er friends 🙂

** uh? please.