Chill Dress

Chill Dress | Catdoesit.

This is super chill dress that I can use whenever I feel chill. Good for chilly weather. And super chill to make.

I made it years ago based on Burda’s Chill Dress 11/2012 #136B. Which has two pattern pieces on a stretch fabric, so you fit at your own leisure.


Because it was going so well, I added sleeves by tracing a RTW knit sweater, which was a breeze. And it was looking a bit serious, on this very stable stretch burgundy fabric, so I added a ruffle in a matching organza tone that my Mum had lying around. Left that hem raw to make a more casual look.

Chill Dress | Catdoesit.

It is sooooo confortable to wear, any day of the week!

I have been wearing it all winter with tights, a belt and boots. I guess I am not completely used to the dolman sleeves without that cinched in waist.

Chill Dress | Catdoesit.


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