Monogrammed shirt? No, shorts! Yes, by hand.

Hello peoples!

This is an idea for a handmade man-gift. Monogrammed shirts are great and proper, but what my Dad needed were swimsuit shorts. Why let that stop me?

Monogrammed shirts? No, shorts! Yes, by hand. | Catdoesit.

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A case of the hemstich with a mild shorts fever

Olá amigos!

This one goes to the book of zero cost: it is a fashion from *scrap* fabric, with a *refashion* thrown in just because.

Case of the hemstitch | Catdoesit.

First, there was the shirt. A dear old white cotton tee, bought on sale some years ago (probably out of kindergarten by now). Still, it is a white and easy top, there is always room for those, right? Alas, a small but irrationally persistent stain got in the bottom of the shirt.

If the stain does not get out of the shirt, the shirt gets out of the shirt.

You can quote me on that! I started pulling some strings – literally -, by aprox. 5 mm. Just enough to pull out the stain – again, quite literally. This took 2 minutes. With white cotton string, I did a simple hemstitch along those bare vertical threads, and got it refreshed and refashioned!

Case of the hemstitch | Catdoesit.

Note: this was a first for me. My Grandma is the one with all the talent, hemstitch-wise, so I went to the master for the simplest of techniques. Well, she hasn’t done this on a shirt before, either.

One thing about hemstitching to keep in mind: the only way is straight forward. You can see that the tee has a slight round hem, but it is perfectly on grain, which meant that the line of stitching would not be parallel to the hemline. Gotta go with the flow, I’d say.

Then, there were the scraps. Perfectly good scraps, left over from a quilt my Mom made years ago, almost upholstery-weight black cotton twill. And Burda magazine for July was just in, with its shorts season virus. So, two and two together, the simplest simple sample of shorts came to life – from the Wrap Shorts 06/2014 #124, minus the wrap. I keep going with the literal style, here.


The pattern came together in an hour.The fit was spot on right out of the magazine, although I added 5 cm to the hem, and I am glad I did it! Besides thrashing the wrap, I also kept with a general purpose zip instead of an invisible zip – that will keep my shorts from any ripping open business, thank you very much. I kept the party going with the waistband lining: a wax cotton print from the decade-old scrap bin as well.

Case of the hemstitch | Catdoesit.

The shorts were too bare to bear (!), so the hemstitch came back to the rescue. Just a simple line around the hem, to show the slightest slit of leg above legal hemline (sassy!). The hemstitching on the shorts was done in two hours, during a train ride, but I can tell a more advanced seamstress would whip up the stitch in less than half an hour. It is a great meditative soothing action, actually, I am getting into it.

Case of the hemstitch | Catdoesit.

I have used these a little around the house and to the beach, so I can tell this is only a mild shorts fever. Anyhoo, the outfit came out pretty cute from old tee and scraps, no?

Well, pretty far from the original shorts pattern (here)…

Case of the hemstitch | Catdoesit.

What ever happened to hemstitching? I haven’t seen it around the sewing blogs… It is a cross-breed from trimming and lace, it should be pumping on the sewosphere! Curious.