May your bobbin always be full (or My latest motivational wall)

I recently moved to a new home so now I had all this wall space… What to do, what to do?…

Presenting: the *motivational wall*!

Motivational crafts wall | Cat Does It


I bought 4 small canvas in yellow gold and one big one in black on your over-the-mill dollar-store (euro, I guess).

For the gold ones, I wanted to make some funny quotes to inspire me to sew and knit more – this stuff is therapeutic, ya know? (check the latest discussion* on this topic on CNN and Craftsy – I could not agree more!)

So I searched the web looking for good quotes and found very cool stuff (made a pin board and everything). I wanted positive and light catchphrases (was not expecting such aggressive knitters, good knitting relaxes you), so I went with:

Veni, vidi, knitti (inspiration)

Knitting is the new yoga (inspiration)

Sew on and sew forth (inspiration)

May your bobbin always be full (inspiration)**

The ink is plain permanent marker and the type and drawings are from yours truly.

Now, the black canvas had a different fate. With some plastic-covered clips, gold pins and self-adhesive felt, I concocted a board where my jewelry and alike could hang out (get it? “hanging out”!). This way it would be easier to remember and grab some bling before getting out the door. Of course, other people around the web have been doing this for years (hop here, or here for more inspiration), so I thought it was time to catch on.

What do you think? Do you have a motivational board to get you in the craft-mood?

* I think there was a discussion within the sewing blogfere, have you seen it?

**I hope I got as close to the original sources as possible; if not, let me know 🙂