Nevertheless, she per-stitch-ed


I know, I know, these fads last 2 days and it has been a few weeks, but this phrase really stuck with me so I stitched it down.

Nevertheless, she persisted.

It applies to so much, don’t you think?

It is my first foray into embroidery besides cross-stitch – and I plan to persist. I used a mix of patterns and inspirations. The main lettering is an alphabet en degrade from here, the flowers are heavily inspired on Thread Honey’s free diagram from here. Check it out – the DMC website delivers on free cute diagrams!


It was so much fun to come up with this! I started by selecting the colour scheme out of my stash and favourite colours. Started with the cross stitched letters, then wrote the ‘nevertheless’ on a piece of paper so that it matched the width of the ‘she persisted’ and, when happy with it, traced it on to the fabric and chain stitched it. For the flowers, I used a plate to find the best arc and traced it on. Free-handed the flowers based on the Thread Honey’s diagram and (mostly) followed their guidance on the type of stitches – backsticth, satin stitch, cretan leaf stitch (fancy!). Didn’t manage a nice long & short stitch, so I went with random stitch of my own.

I am so happy with out it turned out!


Decided to frame on a 23 cm wooden hoop from ebay and backed it with felt. I cut out a circle slightly bigger than the inside hoop and hand stitched it to the aida with little stitches all around. Finished it with a 5 cm tack on the top so I can hang it wherever I want.

I shall persist!!!




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