Half-Good, half-Naughty, half-Circle Skirt

Half-good, half-naughty, half-circle skirt | Catdoesit.

Well, it is so modest and proper – but looks like black leather and looks great with red shoes – this is my half-good, half-naughty, half-circle skirt!

I had the fabric already, bought three months ago on a whim (like you do with fabric). It is woven, between quilting and shirting cotton weight, but the right side has that leather-sheen that gives it the edge right for this project. The Sewcialists started October with the theme “Grease is the word”, a super fun movie  (albeit with a dubious message for young girls, IMHO) with a very good-girl-Sandy, followed by a OMG-edgy-Sandy.

I am much more of a white-shirt-and-cardigan kind of gal, but it was time to meet OMG-edgy half-way!

So I drafted a high-waisted midi half-circle skirt, taking advantage of the 2,8 metre width of the fabric, which I suspect is a home decor specimen anyway. The waistband is about 10 cm high, and I went for the side seams so I coul add two deep pockets. I resisted the urge to topstitch evything, to achieve a cleaner, business-like style – I failed on the hem, because the fabric is so light and I didn’t see a blind-stitch happening anytime soon, so rolled hem it went.

Half-good, half-naughty, half-circle skirt | Catdoesit.

I am loving this skirt so far! It is on heavy rotation, particularly for work, with the white shirt and red shoes you see here, but also good for the weekend, with a tee and sneakers. I think I need to conjure a few more half-good, half-naughty, perfect pieces!

Half-good, half-naughty, half-circle skirt | Catdoesit.


6 thoughts on “Half-Good, half-Naughty, half-Circle Skirt

  1. This is seriously awesome! I thought it was leather when I first saw it on Kollabora 🙂
    It looks amazing on you.


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