Brigitte 60s Stripes

Brigitte 60's Stripes | Catdoesit.

This is a little 60s in shape, 70’s in stripes and frayed finish. But super simple dress that was a joy to design and sew!

This is the Brigitte shift dress from Simple Sew (free from LoveSewing’s website).


It is truly a begginer’s dress, with straightforward instructions. I did tweaked the fit a little bit: lower bust darts, adjusted back darts and forgone facings in place of lining.

I also wanted to get the most of this striped wool suiting I found in the market at the end of Seven Sister’s road (a tiny little stall with incredibly inexpensive fabrics), so I decided on adding a front middle seam and cutting the fabric at 45”. I am glad I took my time with cutting and matching the stripes, front and back 😀

Brigitte 60's Stripes | Catdoesit.

Also decided on raw edges to enhance the bohemian vibe… not sure about that one, though. After setting on the hem length and squaring off the hemline, I stitched a line about 2 cm from the edge, to secure the weave. Then took a while with my seam ripper fraying the weave up to the stitched line.

Brigitte 60's Stripes | Catdoesit.

I am happy with the result, though I started to feel it is to old-looking, serious-black-type  and high-neckline type of affair… Maybe it is just the start of spring that is getting into me, and hopefully come back Autumn I’ll be craving for it!

Mainly I have been wearing it for work with a belt, to warm up the black, tights and oxford-style heels.

brigitte stripes 3


2 thoughts on “Brigitte 60s Stripes

  1. It’s beautiful! Great job matching the stripes along the center front and center back seam, it looks great. I love the way you styled it with a belt, it really brightens up the outfit. I know what you mean about the high neckline, I always gravitate towards high necklines myself but I think that it ages me… I find it helps if I put my hair up (I like to do a crown braid or two dutch/french braids into a bun), I think it shows off the neckline better!


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