A Teeny Weeny Bonnet

A Teeny Weeny Bonnet | Catdoesit.

This is the teeniest weeniest knitting I have done, for the teeniest weeniest darling newborn in my life. Only a baby to get me out of my selfish crafting, right?

My friend had longings of little bonnets with pretty ribbon, so there I went looking for little bonnets patterns. Fair warning: it is a whole other world of baby patterns, easy to get lost in the cuteness.

Among very very cutesy patterns on ravelry, I found the Darling Daisy Bonnet from innerchildcrochet. This  is a simple stockinette bonnet, for straight knitting, with moss edging for the baby’s little kneck and picot edging for the baby’s little face. No need for swatching, since knit at a baby’s scale is pretty elastic – although if knitting this for a big tiny head or a 6-month baby it would be easily graded upwards. I had half a skein of some blue and silver mystery super-soft poly-wool blend, probably from more than 10 years ago, which was perfect for this project, along with size 6 needles and a saturday morning.

After 2 hours of non-stop knitting I had a 30x15cm rectangle, ready for steam-blocking.

A Teeny Weeny Bonnet | Catdoesit.

The original pattern will have you knitting an i-cord and sewing it to the picot edging. But my friend and envisioned ribbon, so ribbon it would be. About 2 cm before it was time to start the picot edging, I added a row of *k2tog, yo*, followed by 3 rows in pattern. Then the picot edging – which I had never done, btw, and which looks adorable – it is done by folding by another *k2tog, yo* row and stitching it to the wrong side. That way it sticks out from the adorable little baby’s face, all in stockinette. I made sure not to cover my extra row of yarn overs, so that the ribbon would get through.

A Teeny Weeny Bonnet | Catdoesit.

Then you fold the rectangle crosswise and stitch the back seam. This does leave a teeny weeny elf-like top, which is nothing but cute. I used white satin ribbon to finish it and my friend loved it. Think of the possibilities! Next baby in the familly might have a different colorwork, stitch, ribbon, edging… Then all can go out for a stroll in the cold autumn sun!


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