One Last Sorbetto Top for the Summer

H’ya do?

It is a week till the end of the Summer and I finally finished my version of the Sorbetto tank. Sunshine, don’t go just yet!

One Last Sorbetto for the Summer | Catdoesit.

* Even the vine leaves in the background remember me the top is late in the season…Original version

Sorbetto – the free tank sewing pattern from Colette – is probably one of the most hacked patterns in the sewosphere. It has such simple and forgiving lines that even the most beginner of us can be adventurous – namely, me! So, even before trying out the pattern as is, I have done a little hacking to fit my liking…

** Picture of the original version from Colette patterns

One Last Sorbetto for the Summer | Catdoesit.

One Last Sorbetto for the Summer | Catdoesit.

My sewing challenge for this project was to start adding details such as trim to otherwise simple designs – though my friends compliment my projects, this is the most popular suggestion I get since I started sewing.

*** I set myself to push myself on one skill with each project. So far, my previous personal sewing challenges were pattern matching and color-blocking.

This little white cotton eyelet (borderie anglaise) number was first inspired by the very feminine lacy version from Ginger Makes. Like her, I inserted a front yoke, but I eliminated the ease from the front pleat instead of gathering. I also did a square low back to make it even more summery. Both the back and the yoke are trimmed with more white cotton lace, just because.

The front of the top is lined under the yoke, with nude-colored cotton. The armholes and neckline are finished with kind of a machine rolled hem – very slim, folded under twice. The lining is also hemmed with a rolled hem, about 5 cm above the shell hem. The actual hem was a gamble – to make it more like a lace, and because the eyelet runs continuously through the fabric, I cut the selvage of the fabric close to the first row of eyelet-hearts. Let’s hope it holds until next summer! The photos here were taken after the first machine-wash and they look stood it well 🙂

One Last Sorbetto for the Summer | Catdoesit.

**** Can you see the little hearts, right-side up and upside down? Such a cute fabric!

The fit is not perfect. I feel it is a little wide across the bust, making it gap somewhat under the arms. I am not sure if I could take out the ease and leave it without a side zipper, though. All in all, I love its boxy vibe, including the waistline – a few less centimeters and it would be a trendy crop top. I think making it boxy but in a feminine fabric makes it perfect for casual outfit, with blue skinny jeans. I could also see this in a cotton sateen and silk, to take to the office with a pencil skirt, or in a loud print, or stripes, or leather… possibilities are endless.

One Last Sorbetto for the Summer | Catdoesit.

But, for now… Don’t go just yet, sunshine!


4 thoughts on “One Last Sorbetto Top for the Summer

  1. I applaud your “challenge myself” goal…in my opinion that is the best way to learn new skills. The top you’ve made has an heirloom romantic vibe enhanced by the use of the trim and it’s simply delightful. Love the backline and the hem treatment!


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