Scrap Fabric Paper Bag


This is a kind of fabric-paper bag, made from scrap from the 70’s, for #scraptember – great to hold other scraps, ah! …scrap-ception. 

Scrap Fabric Paper Bag (DIY) | Catdoesit.

This started with a pretty stripey denim scrap, found in my Grandma’s attic, probably from around the 70’s… Still sturdy as ever, would not – could not! – go to waste. Perfect to make a half-an-hour fabric “paper bag”. Here’s my 1-2-3:

1. Fold right side out and close one side. Why right side out, you ask? So we can enclose the one side seam in a fancy-shmancy french seam, and it will seem like a paper fold. Run it with pinking sheers to be extra fancy.

Scrap Fabric Paper Bag (DIY) | Catdoesit.

2. Finish edges and folds. I used the *whole* scrap (zero waste, folks!), including the one selvage, fully white denim, as my finishing on top, and run a zigzag stitch over the other edge, leaving the little hairs as trim for the bottom edge. From the wrong side, now, enclosed the first side seam with a running stitch, as well as mimicked this fold on the opposite side – these two folds will keep the sides folded inwards, which is mandatory on a cutesy paper bag.

Scrap Fabric Paper Bag (DIY) | Catdoesit.

3. Fold it inwards and close the bottom. Right side out, pressed the sides and the bottom inwards, by the same width (I did 4 cm). On the bottom, square the angles of the corners (much like gift-wrapping), and sew them by the wrong side. I choose to leave the flaps hanging, for extra scrap look, but they can be tacked down. I hand-stitched the bottom close, leaving the fringe of one side hanging out – again, extra scrappy.

Scrap Fabric Paper Bag (DIY) | Catdoesit.

And that is it, amigos! Get on those scraps.


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