Polka-Dot Color-Block Frock

Hya creative craftsy peeps,

This is a quick experiment on color-blocking, resulting in a frock in polka dots!Polka-dot Color-block Frock | Catdoesit.

On the streak to challenge myself on developing one skill at a time*, this was my first experiment with color-blocking. First there were these sad jersey remnants, on multiple colors, full of black polka-dots, on the 2€/meter bin at Feira dos Tecidos (Lisbon):

Polka-dot Color-block Frock | Catdoesit.

 * First came pattern-matching, with my two-piece set.

I didn’t have a particular pattern to go with this, and I wanted to keep it simple. This is what I did:

  1. Decided on the colors by choosing the lighter shade to be closer to my face – they say it is more flattering this way – and the darkest on the bottom.
  2. Rubbed off a RTW jersey fitted t-shirt, made from a jersey with similar stretch, to some tracing paper. Smoothed the curves and cut-off at about my natural waist, measured on myself back and front. Added 1.5 cm of seam allowance.
  3. From the same shade, cut out three pieces to serve as bias tape, with about 3 cm width and with the length of the neckline and armholes.
  4. From the darkest shade, cut out a rectangle of the full width of the fabric (150 cm) and as high as from my waist to above my knees (for maximum comfort, this length would not caught me off-guard and flash someone on the street).
  5. From the grey shade, draw and cut out the littlest tiniest pocket to add some flavor to the top.
  6. Cut out a 7 mm elastic in order to get it snug around my natural waist.
  7. Machine-stitched everything, mostly with a long straight stitch, and zig-zaged the little pocket edges on to the top. Resolved to hand-stitching the stupid elastic to the stupid gathered skirt, because they were misbehaving like mad.Polka-dot Color-block Frock | Catdoesit.

That’s about the whole story! As simple as it seems, designing and wearing a color-block polka-dot dress is new to me. Already got worn to death these last few weeks. And it feels awesome 😀

A small step out of my comfort zone, in a very comfy dress.

Polka-dot Color-block Frock | Catdoesit.


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