Pattern, Set, Match


my Two-Piece-Set-acular is up!

Pattern, set, match! | Catdoesit.

As if the challenge of matching a two-piece was not enough, I had the idea back in July to start experimenting with pattern-matching (or clashing, either way!). I had bought one metre each of these two black and white flowery fabrics with that in mind, and the first opportunity was presented in the form of Burda’s Leopard Print Mini Skirt 08/2014 #122. It seemed sweet, casual and easy, and was featured with step-by-step illustrations. Then I went on the search of a pattern for a woven top and realized that a crop top would match the high waist of the skirt – why not? One more trend in the same outfit! So I went with Square Neck Top 02/2012 #111, minus the ruffles.

These two pieces had potential: I could make the waistband and the in-seam pockets in contrasting fabric, as well as contrasting raglan sleeves. I love the six front pleats on the skirt and the clean square lines of the top. The loose fit would ensure the cropped and short lengths wouldn’t be too much. At least, that was the rationale…

Pattern, set, match! | Catdoesit.

Both pieces are for advanced beginners*, but had me going for a while. At some point, I managed to put the waistband on with one pocket going backwards. Also, those facings for the neckline where *not* cooperating. To make it more casual that the usual two-piece sets, I went for white topstitching with the double needle. I also got the chance to use a lion-embossed button, which is a treat!** 

Intermediate, but lets face it: 80% of Burdastyle’s patterns claim to be intermediate.

** Can’t see? Look closely on the details shots!

Pattern, set, match! | Catdoesit.

Alas, I  don’t think I am ready for so much contrasting and matching in one outfit! The skirt was already worn tons this summer, as a separate, and the top will look good with high-waisted fitted bottoms (like my previously blogged black shorts you see here), but as a set… I don’t see it!

Pattern, set, match! | Catdoesit.

Contrary to what the silly photos may suggest, I am not completely happy with the results. But I am happy for trying new things. After stalking great sewing blogs for a while, you get the eye for those details – the in-seam pocket alignment, the dart’s placement, etc. – but you get the taste before the skill. I am trying to be more conscious when choosing the pieces I make, by challenging my present sewing and knitting skills thoughtfully. Colleterie has a great article about being smart when learning to sew, going for pieces that excite you, but building one skill at a time. Otherwise, it may get too frustrating to sew – or worse… boring. I guess that’s one reason why I kept on coming back to this set and getting through with it. Also, I couldn’t back out of the two-piece-set-acular!

Anyway, at least when it comes to Burda, the models look to be either always partying or too-cool-to-care. I am not there yet, but I’ll keep trying… 😀

Pattern, set, match! | Catdoesit.Pattern, set, match.***

*** The game is just starting, though. Muahhhhh-ah-ahahah!


4 thoughts on “Pattern, Set, Match

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  3. Hey Cat
    I saw this two-piece-set-acular challenge too :). As a slow-sewer I wouldn’t be able to finish the pieces in a short amount of time, that’s why I didn’t go for it. I like what you created! It’s so versatile and so easy to combine with other clothes :). Well done!


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